Global Ode to Joy

Terms of use

By clicking ‘submit’, PARTICIPANT hereby grants to Shared Space Studios LLC the irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use the recorded performance(s) submitted to YouTube with the hashtag #globalodetojoy, in particular for inclusion in the production of a video for the project provisionally entitled “Global Ode to Joy” (the “PROJECT”) (hereinafter referred to as the "RECORDING(S)"), worldwide, without limitation in content and time as well as transferable. PARTICIPANT transfers to Shared Space Studios LLC the non-exclusive right to reproduce, lease and distribute the RECORDING(S) in any non-physical format (in particular worldwide via online services and databases by means of streaming and downloading). This specifically includes the right to digitalize, edit, synchronize or otherwise change the RECORDING(S). The grant of rights to Shared Space Studios LLC also extends to all other known and customary or as yet unknown media. Included in the grant of rights of use are any copyrights of the PARTICIPANTS themselves, as well as other contributors including but not limited to actor(s), camera crew and director as long as those rights were created by them as a contributor during the recording. PARTICIPANT warrants that he/she has not transferred the rights of the RECORDING(S) to any third party and that he/she is not prevented in any way from entering into this contract by any other obligations to third parties. The PARTICIPANT warrants and undertakes that there are no claims from third parties which could impair or prevent the use of the RECORDING(S) by Shared Space Studios LLC. In this respect PARTICIPANT shall indemnify Shared Space Studios LLC from any third party claims. Shared Space Studios LLC has the right to freely assign the rights granted herein.